Badger #1- First Publishing- 1983- Comic Book

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Badger #1-  First Publishing- 1983- Comic Book CC#: CT0005


Script by Mike Baron, Art By Jeffrey Butler, cover by Steve Rude and Jeffrey Butler. You are about to enter a world where logic and rationale are abstract concepts and the search for "Larry" is neverending! Join Norbert Sykes, aka the Badger, Ham, a displaced 5th century weather wizard, and Daisy Fields, a perfectly normal therapist, as they right the wrongs of society and try to figure out just who it is that's insane. 

  • Character = Badger
  • Publisher = First Publishing
  • Genre = Superhero
  • Comic Age = Modern
  • Year Published = 1983

Item Number: 2-2175

Item ID: 3203

Category: Comic Book

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