Ghost Rider (Western) #1 1967 Comic Book

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Ghost Rider (Western) #1 1967 Comic Book CC#: CM0488


Origin and first appearance of Ghost Rider (Carter Slade) and his horse Banshee in "The Origin of the Ghost Rider," script by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas, and Dick Ayers (plot), pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Vince Colletta; School teacher Carter Slade was making his way to Bison Bend, Montana, to become the teacher for the new school built by newly settled homesteaders looking to build a home. 

  • Character = Ghost Rider (Western)
  • Publisher = Marvel
  • Genre = Superhero
  • Comic Age = Silver Age
  • Year Published = 1967

Item Number: 2-2267

Item ID: 3295

Category: Comic Book

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