Showcase #77 (Angel and the Ape) 1968 Comic Book

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Showcase #77  (Angel and the Ape) 1968 Comic Book  CC#: CD0134


Cover pencils by Bob Oksner, cover idea by Sergio Aragones. 1st appearance of Angel and the Ape in Angel and the Ape, pencils by Bob Oksner, inks by Tex Blaisdell; Trumbull, with his leg in a cast, stumbles into O'DAY AND SIMEON, PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS; Angel is a crack PI and judo master; Sam is a gorilla who draws comic books. 

  • Publisher = DC Comics
  • Genre = Comedy
  • Comic Age = Silver Age
  • Year Published = 1968
  • Grade/Condition = VG+
  • Autographed = Not autographed

Item Number: 2-2281

Item ID: 3309

Category: Comic Book

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