Always wanted to own a signed Artist Print Kinkade? What about an original oil painting from the 18th Century? Our Artwork selection ranges from Original Oil, Watercolor, Pen/Pencil Art to Prints, Lithographs and Giclees, to framed photographs, to bronze sculptures, to tapestries, and many other forms of “art”.
Trading Cards
Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and other Sports Cards. Trading Cards from MTG, Pokemon, and Yugioh.
Sports Memorabilia
Massive selection of autographed photos, baseballs, bats, footballs, basketballs, hockey pucks, Jerseys, Helmets, Mini-helmets, Statues, Bobbleheads, and a variety of other sports memorabilia in frames, shadowboxes, and clear plastic cubes ready for display in your home or office.
Antiques and Artifacts
Antiques, Artifacts, and Militaria including Jewelry, Household Items, Furniture, Figurines/Votives, Glassware, Militaria, and Paper/Printed items – from Ancient times through 1960. This includes Roman, Greek, and Egyptian museum-quality items you can actually own!
A wide range of antiques!
Thousands of 33 LP and 45 vinyl, music memorabilia to decorate your home or office, along with all media of music including laser disks, VHS tapes, and even record players.
Hundreds of thousands of comics from modern through Golden Age.
Something for EVERYONE!
Thousands of collectibles for all ages!

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Collectors Crossroads offers one of the largest selections of comics in Texas.  Our collection of over 200,000 comics spans all the major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant and IDW with additional inventory of classic comics by Dell, Whitman, Gold Key, and Charlton.  We have a huge backstock of Modern, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Age comics including many CGC graded and signed comics.  We also carry graphic novels, statues, and the artwork of local artists.  We are particularly proud of our large selection of mid 80s comics, many in NM condition.


Music is our specialty.  We have more 33 LP and 45 vinyl than anyone in north Austin, and one of the largest selections in Texas.  Thousands of the best rock, pop, country (and western), soul, jazz, classical, easy listening albums every made.  Browse our music memorabilia including signed artwork and framed signed guitars and album covers to decorate your home or office, along with all media of music including laser disks, VHS tapes, and even record players.

Civil War Sword of Colonel _____

Collectibles as Investments

Collectibles as Investments

Most people collect because it is a passion.  A few collectors are also investors.  They realize a portion of their collectibles will appreciate in value over time, thus making them an investment.  Collectors Crossroads offers many investment opportunities. While almost every category of collectible has investment opportunities, we see most of this activity from our customers purchasing Sports Memorabilia, Trading Cards, Artwork, and our graded and autographed items.  It’s hard to enjoy a stock or mutual fund investments. But collectibles offer the opportunity to both invest and enjoy that investment. Talk to us about how we can help diversify your investment portfolio with collectibles that you can also enjoy! 
April 10, 2020 — Darren Spohn

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