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Hard Boiled - Nixon 11" Statue #50 /500 - by Geof Darrow & Kent Melton - Dark Horse

Hard Boiled - Nixon 11" Statue #50 /500 - by Geof Darrow & Kent Melton - Dark Horse

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Hard Boiled - Nixon 11" Statue - Limited Edition #50 /500 - by Geof Darrow & Kent Melton - Dark Horse Comics

The Hard-Boiled graphic novel from Dark Horse is an iconic piece of graphic literature that has captivated readers for decades. This dark, noir story follows the adventures of gruff private investigator Carl Seltz as he grapples with a world full of danger and shadowy figures. Along the way, he meets a mysterious woman named Nix, who quickly emerges as a pivotal character in the narrative. Together they must team up to survive the treacherous path that lies ahead of them.

The beloved character NIXON, introduced in this novel, has become a symbol of strength and resilience for many fans. His take-no-prisoners attitude have made him an icon amongst graphic novel readers. To honor his place in popular culture, Dark Horse produced a special statue which was unveiled at San Diego Comic Con in 2019. The limited edition figure is meticulously sculpted to capture every detail from NIXON’s signature look. 

This stunning collectible stands atop a base featuring a street scene from the series, surrounded by trash and various symbols from the Hard Boiled universe. The intricate details make it clear why it’s such an impressive item – perfect for any fan of this classic graphic novel series! It stands as a reminder of how important NIXON has become in our community; even years after his introduction he remains an inspiring figurehead for readers everywhere!


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